Can someone translate these two character profile from Pash! Perfect File?? I’m really curious about it and I haven’t found any translation yet…

scans credits: x

only translated Mikoshiba, sorry:

Mikoshiba Seijuurou
CV: Tsuda Kenjirou

quote on the side: “You’re really cute”
sketch note: in his swim club jersey

A 3rd year student at Samezuka School. 187cm, 77kg.
He’s the captain of the swim club whose policy is “principle of efficiency” “the fast one wins”.
He’s got a warm personality that is quick to fall in love, but he combines it with plenty of prowess.
When he was a grade schooler, he became the runner-up for the tournament title at the regional tournament Haruka had won.
His hobbies are Karaoke, Tennis and Beach Volleyball.

Staff comment
Director: Since he had to deliver some meaningful words to Rin during the endgame we made him cool, but since he was the captain we also gave him the sort of grandiosity and big-heartedness that comes with a “gahaha” laugh. However, in the 2nd episode, Tsuda (Kenjirou)’s improvisation of the line “You’re really cute” really seemed to fit the character as well (laughs).
Character designer: Mikoshiba’s design is the same as when I first imagined him. While carrying a very captain-like majesty, I think he became the most manly out of all the characters.
Color designer: To match his appearance of the warm senpai, we made his hair red. There’s a bit of orange mixed into that red as well. The staff immediately agreed on his hair color.

Towards girls he is kind!
He is incredibly weak against cute girls and seems to have fallen in love with Gou on their first meeting, calling her “cute”.

The captain’s majesty
Though he scolded Rin at the relay against the Iwatobi School at the regional tournament, in the end he is the kind of person who laughs it off and just forgives. To hold the swim team of the renowned Samezuka Academy together you have to have a big heart. However, he has no mercy for those who slack off.

Sharp judgement
Though his eyes wander when he’s in his flirting mindset, he is always firmly watching his club members’ movements, their bodily difficulties naturally as well, but he’s also checking their mental conditions. When he assesses someone to be unfit, he doesn’t shy away from pulling them out of the team.

A considerable powerful person
Mikoshiba set a new record at the prefecture’s tournament. Even as the champion school’s captain, that ability is unfathomable. Even when that ability only vouches for his usual state of imperturbableness!

I was asked to translate Nitori’s part, so here it is. I’m really sleepy, so there might be some awkward sentences, but I did my best! Enjoy.

Nitori Aiichirou. CV: Miyata Kouki
The swim club’s jersey


A first-year in Samezuka High School. He’s 168 cm tall and 55 kg. He’s Rin’s kouhai and roommate. Probably because they share the same room, he often does the same things as Rin. He admires Rin and feels sincerely happy for his victories. He participates earnestly in club activities and is a hard worker. His hobby is playing with dogs.

Staff Comment

Director: Utsumi Hiroko
If you leave Rin alone, he’ll be isolated without anyone, so there needed to be a character—like a conversation partner—who would draw him out. The character who was born out of this need was Nitori. Nitori’s role was to draw out Rin’s heart. Also, because Rin could understand parts of Nitori that was like himself, he felt like talking to him. He’s not discouraged by Rin’s hard-heartedness and is unexpectedly bold as well. (laughs) He’s a cute kouhai.

Character Design: Nishiya Taishi
From the very beginning, he was to have bobbed or “mushroom” bangs. This way, there wouldn’t be conflict with other characters’ designs, and Nitori could be drawn smoothly. At first, there was a version of him who wore glasses, but it was scrapped as unnecessary.

Color Designer: Yoneda Yuuka
Nitori is a boy with a cute feeling, so we had to be careful not to clash with Nagisa’s design. For his hair, we first thought about green or some sort of pattern, but in the end, we settled on a bluish-grey silver.

Aiichirou’s Keyword

A Firm Person
During the joint practice with Iwatobi High, the side of Nitori who firmly separates business was shown. He warned Rei, who wasn’t wearing a swimsuit, and urged him to go change. It’s easy to mistake his personality because of his baby face, but if you look at him from this point of view, you can understand him clearly.

Tearful Attack
When Rin said that he would “[Visit his gravestone] and see his father,” Nitori misunderstood him and sobbed out, “No, you can’t die!” They were pure tears which came from listening to Rin’s obstinate heart. More so than his tears, his crying face was emphasized.

Nitori felt miserable and frustrated with himself, since he was not able to participate in his preferred event. Because of that, he wasn’t able to understand Rin who, although he was able to participate in any event, only participated in the 100-meter free.

Admired Person
Nitori met Rin during elementary school. Nitori was extremely moved after watching Rin and everyone else’s winning relay. Ever since, he has looked up to Rin.

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Dates for upcoming anime.


Dates for upcoming anime.



i think this person is a wizard

when you don’t compete in the olympics because you want it to be fair



i think this person is a wizard

when you don’t compete in the olympics because you want it to be fair


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yawny outtake from our famous photoshoot


yawny outtake from our famous photoshoot


demon girlfriends who work together but often don’t get along well


demon girlfriends who work together but often don’t get along well